Friday, March 9, 2012

Ice pic(s)

Real quick, I wanted to post some pics from my (drum roll please).............. first ice bath!  Yep - I did it.  I also did my 9 miles last Sunday successfully.  So - into the bath I went!

I asked my hubby when I was on my way home to start the water and make me a hot cup of green tea.  I changed into a MUCH warmer top and just got in.  SO. FRIGGIN'. COLD.  Omg.  My toes stayed numb for hours!  And they were OUT of the water!

Hubby also tested the water and it was 56 degrees.  I stayed in for exactly 12 minutes.

Do I think it helped?  Actually, I do.  Not that day or night, but the next day, I had zero soreness from my 9 miler.  I'll be doing it again.  When needed.

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