Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy much?

Spring break is over... now time to get back to school kids!

I would have enjoyed spring break more if I could have done something.  Like... walk.  Anything.  And by the time the 2 weeks is over, I'm usually more than ready for everyone to be back on a regular schedule.  And I am.... but this time it's a little bittersweet (aka 'selfish') because I won't have all my little helpers to help me!  Actually, I'm getting around a lot better.  Cheating more than I should i.e. using 1 crutch so I can have 1 hand.

The boys are already off to school, Lucy starts swimming lessons today, and hubby leaves for out of town.  Swimming lessons are at the gym which means I get to darken the doors again.  I'm SO excited!  I just need to smell it.  I'm only going to ride the bike and stretch, but at least it's something.

As I mentioned before, I begin PT at the new place tomorrow.  Hopefully I can set up recurring appointments for Tuesday and Thursday's while Lucy is at preschool.  Thursday is also hubby's birthday and report cards come home (happy birthday honey!!  I hope.)  And then the grand finale' of the week - Friday is follow-up with the orthopedic surgeon to hopefully get off these crutches.  (crossing everything)  If he says I can't get off the crutches, I'm going to beg him to at least put me in a boot - PUH-LEEEZE!  I need my hands back.  And my life.  I'll even promise to not run the month of April.  Well, most of it?  The half marathon ain't happenin' anyway, and honestly, I know I need more healing.  I've come to grips with all of this.  Believe me, I've had PLENTY of time to think things through.

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