Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Wow.  Sorry it's been SO long since I've posted!  To all 7 of you.  =D

I've actually looked at my blog everyday since the last time I posted.  And have had time to post a little... but not like I want.  So I haven't.

Here's the deal - this has nothing to do with running - but something I have learned since running.  So actually I guess it does.

I was an "all or nothing" person.  Until I started running 6 years ago.

(do you know what is bugging me the most about this post right now?? my GRAMMAR!  ugh.)

Anyway.  I told my BFF today.  I used to be an all or nothing person - but my running helped me.

(going into all lowercase now - cuz you care)

i now try to live my LIFE as an 80/20 rule. 80% of the time i'm going to eat exact, exercise exact, live exact, love exact, rest exact...... but the other 20% - i'm going to give myself a break.  a treat.  whatever you want to call it.

it's been working.  in all aspects of my life.  to myself (MOST importantly) to my marriage and kids, to my downtime to friends to family to everything.

i will not compromise myself MY happiness for others.

(sounds like a bible verse but i guarantee you it's not)

{lane change}

i think sometimes someone comes into your life for a reason (another cliche' type comment, i know, but just listen).

whether it's a bff, a passer-by-er type, or someone you've yet to meet, or work buddy/colleague, or, these days, online.

i feel really good today because i feel i affected 2 of those above people in a positive or healthy way.  I FEEL.  whether it really was... we'll see.

one is my bff.  one is someone i've met online through my running, found out she literally lives down the street from me, a stay at home mom like me, has a young daughter like me - omg - another bff???

everyone has problems.  everyone has issues.  including myself.  i'm not perfect.

i do know one thing.  i miss my running.  i can't WAIT til may til i can run again.  i am so thankful for my life and my family and my home.  i don't get too wishy-washy and dramatic - or at least i don't try too, but i have ZERO problems compared to a lot of people in the world.

do you?

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