Sunday, February 12, 2012


Time has really been flying by lately - can't believe I'm in the 70's for days left.

This week is a recovery week - so hopefully with my **forced** recovery week last week PLUS a real recovery week, my knees will cooperate for my long run on Sunday - which is 7 miles - man o man!  I just can NOT believe how far I've come!  Now, if my weight would follow suit, that would be shiny.  (sigh)  I was down 2 lbs, but they're back.  Story of my life.  I have been on a very clean eating streak for the past month or so, watching calories yet getting in enough for my running, and obviously exercising.  But my weight doesn't budge.

(I started the above post on Thursday.  It's now Sunday.  Busy much?)

SO, did my 7 miles this morning - at a balmy 28 degrees - took me an hour and 37 minutes (I think) and my knees are not real happy.  I think this just may be the way it is?  Knees start hurting at about the 5 mile mark?  As long as it's not a major injury, and I can treat it with ice, rest, ibuprofen and a glass of wine, I'm good.

Next week (tomorrow) starts week 8 and it's a busy one - personal-wise AND exercise-wise.  Upping the mileage, adding more strength training, and adding an extra day of cross-training - all to end with an EIGHT mile run on Sunday.  I'm tired just typing all that.  Personal wise - hubby is gone majority of the week which always = me extra busy.  Monday night it's supposed to snow which means Nashville will shut down at the first site of flake which also means there is a BIG chance the kids will be out of school on Tuesday.  Occasionally, I really enjoy those days, but I'm already having to cancel my personal training on Tuesday because I have an echo (not 'yoda-lay-HEE-hoo.....hoo.....hoo - but an echo cardiogram) scheduled to make sure I have a healthy heart - which the doc is pretty sure I do - so that's all I go into that for now.  Thursday I get my hair cut and colored - YAY!!  I know there's more - it'll come to me.

Well that was an exciting post!!  Geesh.  I'll do better next time.  I think the 7 miles has my mind a little fuzzy.

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