Saturday, February 4, 2012

Do You Know Your Enemy?

(love me some Green Day - some of my all time fav running tunes)

I do!  --------------> Andrea.

Yep, I am my own worst enemy.  Always have been.  My husband just rolls his eyes - and slightly braces himself - when he hears the guilt start coming out of my mouth.

Trying not to do another Debbie Downer episode, but this week sucked (training-wise).  After my 6 mile run on Sunday, the pains just kept coming.  I *know* I'm being smart about getting more good food in my body and getting some extra zzzz's here and there this week, but I *feel* like a total slacker.  Not lazy, but like I've just folded and gone home.  Given up.  Thrown in the towel.  BUT I haven't.

Let's look at this in a brighter light:  I got 2, instead of 1, really good strength training sessions in, I got 2, instead of 1, semi-good core sessions in, I did 1 day, instead of 0, of cross-training (elliptical), and we all can guess that I got some extra rest days in.

For that part of the week, pity party over.  The other part = today.  I was supposed to do my first 5k with my 13 year old this morning.  He was so excited!  I was too!  He's been coming home from school and changing into running clothes for the past 2 weeks.

(He's come such a long way with this whole running thing - I'm SO proud of him.  I forced him to join cross-country his first year in middle school.  He's not very athletic so this was the safest activity.  Yes, I am that mom.)

I went and picked up our race packets yesterday, even though we couldn't get our bib numbers b/c the printer had a burp in the numbers (those would include our numbers - of course) so I would either have to come back (um, no - took me 50 minutes just to get there) or get them at registration this morning - which is what I was trying to avoid by picking them up when they were     "available" the day before. Whatever - we'd go a bit earlier than expected and get our numbers with the rest of the 2000+ people expected to run.  No biggie.  As I was watching the news last night, it said there was a 95% of rain, thunder and wind gusts today.  Joy.  I warned Isaac that there was a possibility that we may not go due to all that.  I don't have anything against running in the rain.  In fact, I have actually enjoyed it the few times I was faced with it.  But thunder?  Doesn't thunder = lightning???  No thanks.  And wind gusts?  Wind alone - I hate running in it.  So, this awesome date with my son was quickly looking like a disaster.  Not to mention my mood on the way home I'm sure.  Anyway, long story short (little too late for that), the news was right.  There was a huge and very colorful front on the TV - looking like it was coming through downtown Nashville just about at starting time (10:00 a.m.).  So I made the decision and have felt guilty ever since (see paragraph 2).  Anyway, I've promised Isaac I will find us another 5k to do together soon.

But guess what I found with all this??  A silver-lining!  Yes - me!  I get to keep my training on schedule by (re) doing my long run of 6 miles tomorrow (I was moving it to Monday due to the 5k today).  So, today I will try to decide where I'm going to do my long run (I'm not going back to the Greenway - it will be muddy and quite slippery with all this rain) and I'm going to take it slow.  I definitely overdid it last Sunday.

So CHEERS to a new week!

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