Sunday, January 8, 2012

110 days to go...

Well, I survived my birthday.  Didn't do squat Saturday from being soooo tired (going to bed at 11:30 p.m. is MAJOR late for me!).  And 5 martini's didn't help the situation either.  But got up this morning ready for "Long Run Sunday" - 4 miles.  So far, it hasn't gone so well...and by that I mean it hasn't even happened yet and it's 1:15 p.m (I'm a total morning runner).  But it IS going to happen.  I did do the 'well, I did pad my training by not 1 but 2 freakin' weeks - if I don't do my long run til tomorrow, so what?'  BUT, I start training with Wayne (personal trainer) again beginning Tuesday and I HAVE to have a rest day the day after long runs.  So suck it up Andrea - you ARE gonna run in the afternoon.  Geez - it's not like we're talking rain or a freakin' blizzard.  Just p.m. hours Andrea - still daylight even.

I can't believe I start week 3 tomorrow - woo hoo!  Week 3 goes like this:

Mon - Rest
Tues - 2 miles (no walking) + 4 strides - plus strength training w/Wayne
Wed - 3 miles (I've NEVER EVER ran 2 days in a row in my life - this is a new stepping stone for me)
Thurs - Rest
Fri - 3 miles + 4 strides + strength training on my own
Sat - Rest
Sun - 5 miles (another stepping stone!)

Jason from Strength Running wrote my half marathon training for me.  What I love about my plan is that I have the option to run/walk some of my days, but what I love more is the 'no option' days when he puts 'NO walking' on my mileage!  I need that kick in the butt and someone telling me exactly what I can do and exactly what I can not do - on this topic at least.  My husband would beg to differ.  =D

At some point this coming week, I will also add a yoga session in - I got Sage Roundtree's 'The Athlete's Guide To Yoga', so I'm looking forward to seeing if it keeps me stretched out enough.

And with all this week's running and training and stretching, hubby is back on the road.  Yep.  Will will be gone the majority of the week so I'm gonna be one busy chica, one busy runner, and one busy mama!!  'Phew.  I'm tired just blogging about it.  I'll be putting emphasis in the 'Peace' part of my title.  ;)

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