Monday, January 23, 2012

The Itch

And that is what I have.  I'm not talking about a gross, running body itch.  I'm talking about the itch to run.  How nice is that???  And it's 63 freakin' degrees in January!  (sigh)  But I've learned the hard way that rest days are AS important as training days.  So here I sit .... wondering what to do.  I have about 6 loads of laundry I could do.  I have numerous closets to clean out.  But those don't sound near as fun as resting.  So for now, I'll just think of my 3 miles tomorrow and my 4 miles (with NO walking) on Wednesday.  And what am I doing on Thursday you ask?  I think I'm going to visit my local (putting that mildly) running store - Fleet Feet - and see if my Mizuno Wave Creations are about to give up.  And there is a big part of me that hopes they are - or that they at least suggest that I have 2 pairs of running shoes to alternate - because I found another pair of Mizuno Wave Creations in not just one, but two colors I LOVE! (I haaaaate the color of my current running shoes - but when you're a true runner, you could give a rat's ass what color they are as long as make you feel like a rock star - or at least run and not hurt.)  So here are my 2 new loves - what do you think?

I think I like the orange ones the best.  And my daughter (3 years old) just picked the orange, so there ya have it!  But seriously, my knees have just started to hurt and ache a bit AND on the past couple runs, I feel like the balls of my feet are a little to close to the ground. 

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