Sunday, January 22, 2012

Close Enough

Another 5 miles done!  Well, it was more like 4.9, but it's sure close enough for me.  My CardioTrainer app didn't work right - I hate when it does that - so I really didn't know how far I went until I got in the car and drove it.  I walked a bit more today than last week (I just chant 'injury prevention.... injury prevention) and it was probably because of all the freakin' hills!  But do you know what is kick ass?  I KNOW I could run 5 miles without stopping <-------- couldn't say that 2 weeks ago!

Week 5 starts tomorrow.  And that means my Sunday long runs for the next 2 weeks will be 6 miles.  Yikes.  I'm running out of places to do my long runs.  I need to go to the Greenway - it has all kinda mileage.  But for some reason I just haven't driven that far yet.  And maybe that is just it - it takes so. freakin. long. to. get. anywhere. from our stupid house.  We definitely live out in the sticks.  When I do my neighborhood loop, these are my spectators:

Today, I went 'into the city' and actually passed 4 humans.  Running humans.  This girl is gonna go from running with cows, horses, and llamas to... well... this:

This, my friends, was the starting line at the Rock N Roll Country Music Marathon last year.  This is my race in April. No biggie.  (feeling faint)

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